Why use Cryptasia?

  1. We make it easy to remember good passwords--for free!

    When you need to log in to a website, come to Cryptasia. Using your secret phrase and the website's name, Cryptasia generates the same password every time you visit. You'll never have to invent new passwords, and you'll never forget your password, either!

    Our tool works by mixing your phrase with the website's name, doing some math, and using that website's password requirements to make a strong password that is hard even for a computer to guess. Every password is different, so if one website gets hacked, your security at other websites isn't affected.

  2. We don't want your secrets.

    Cryptasia doesn't need to hide anything! We never store (or even transmit) your passwords. There's nothing to download, and anyone can read the source code. The parts that use your password run entirely in your web browser, so your secret phrase and password never leaves the web-browser you're on.
  3. You don't need an account (unless you want one).

    Cryptasia will always be free to use! Thanks to how our tool works, we don't need to know anything about you to help you manage your passwords.

    With a paid account, you can get more features, such as the ability to customize Cryptasia by adding or changing websites. Click here to learn how to add your favorite messageboard or local bank to Cryptasia, create multiple passwords for a single website, or change a website's password without memorizing a new phrase.

  4. We have a short name!

    You can use to get here faster.
  5. You don't have to worry about password requirements.

    Ever run into a website that:
    • Doesn't let you use certain characters in your password?
    • Makes you use a symbol you normally don't?
    • Requires your password to be longer or shorter than what you'd like?
    No more! We make passwords that meet these requriements automatically.
  6. We show a picture that lets you know you typed your secret phrase correctly.

    It's the little things. You'll know that you entered your secret phrase properly when you see the same picture every time.
  7. You can count on us.

    Cryptasia is hosted on the highly reliable Amazon Web Services, so it will always be available when you need it!

    Because AWS gives us flexible pricing, Cryptasia will run whether we have 5 or 500,000 users. We use it for all our passwords, too!

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