How it Works

Everyone knows that it's best to use a different long, complex password for every website. But who can come up with and remember a single password like G'Er^6>_B[np3;q`BF:+T|$/e";l:mog, much less dozens?

That's where Cryptasia comes in. When you want to log in to a website, here's what to do:

  1. Name the website. A list of sites Cryptasia knows will appear as you're typing. Hit enter when the correct one is selected, or click one from the list, to choose it and move to the next field.
  2. Think of a secret phrase. It can be as long or as complex as you like, and you only need one.
  3. Enter your phrase in the second field. An image will pop up once you've finished typing. The image is based on the phrase entered, so you should get the same image every time. If you get a different image, re-enter your secret phrase.
  4. Get your password. Click the "Copy+Go" link to go directly to the website of your choice. Enter in your user information, paste your password, and you're in!

Because passwords generated by Cryptasia are based on the website you select, they will always meet password requirements for that website. Also, every website's password will be unique, even if you use the same phrase for multiple websites.

How can I trust you?

The great thing about Cryptasia is that you don't have to! Even with your own account, our service works without storing your secret phrase, passwords or even knowing who you are. None of your secrets ever leave your browser. In fact, the code that runs Cryptasia is public and available for everyone to see.


When typing the website name, Cryptasia will suggest matches. Hit Enter or Tab to pick the highlighted one and jump to the next field.

Cryptasia generates passwords for a lot of websites. However, some aren't a part of the site...yet. If you want to use Cryptasia to get a password for something not in the system, you can sign up for a paid account and add all the new websites you want.

Cryptasia has a great mobile site, too! However, the "Copy+Go" button had to be replaced because it uses Flash, which doesn't work on most phones. Still, we've worked hard to make it as easy as possible. All you have to do is long-tap the Password box, select the password text and hit "Copy".

Requests? Ideas?

Head over to the thread on r/unseenstudios if you'd like to talk about this project. You can also contact us directly if something is going wrong, you'd like to see a new website added, or if you just want to leave a message!

Other Info

The technology behind Cryptasia includes:

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